Forming Machine

Forming Machine

Product introduction
1. High-precision seam keeping technology, feeding gap error <0.3mm.
2. High frequency pulse proportional distribution feeding system.
3. The independent gas chamber is independently controlled, and the production scheduling is flexible.
4. Using digital proportional control technology, the control is more precise and the operation is more convenient.
5. The daily output of a single unit is 3000 pairs of popcorn soles.
6. It is not only a molding machine, but also can only make EPP and EPS products, and one machine can be used for multiple purposes.
7. Professionally provide you with a complete set of equipment engineering solutions including auxiliary equipment, plant construction planning, piping systems, etc.

The working principle of the molding machine is similar to that of the injection syringe. It uses the thrust of the screw (or plunger) to inject the plasticized plastic in the molten state (that is, the viscous state) into the closed mold cavity. The process of obtaining products after curing and shaping.

Injection molding is a cycle process, each cycle mainly includes: quantitative feeding – melt plasticization – pressure injection – mold filling and cooling – mold opening and taking out. After the plastic parts are taken out, the mold is closed again for the next cycle.

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