Ordinary intermittent pre-engine

  • Ordinary intermittent pre-engine

    Ordinary intermittent pre-engine

    The automatic intermittent pressurized quantitative pre-expansion machine is a large-scale pre-expansion machine designed and manufactured by our company according to the actual situation at home and abroad. It is used for primary and secondary foaming.

    A fully automatic circulating foaming system is composed of a quantitative pressure pre-foaming machine and a foam fluidized drying and screening, crushing, and conveying device. It is suitable for the pre-foaming of expandable polystyrene (EPS) foam products, and is an essential machine for foam products factories.

    After the EPS particles foamed by the pre-foaming machine are cured under normal pressure, they can be supplied to the foam molding machine to form various shapes of foam packaging products and foam sheets of different specifications. Bubble plastic products are suitable for packaging household appliances, instruments, meters, pottery, glassware and various valuable and fragile items; Bubble plastic sheet is the thermal insulation, sound insulation of houses, automobiles, locomotives, ships, cold storages, refrigerators, etc. , The ideal material for shockproof packaging.


    main feature:

    1. The machine is controlled by PLC system to ensure the automatic cycle production of the machine.

    2. The pipeline system is relatively simple and easy to maintain.

    3. The same 2.2kw high-pressure fan is used for feeding and discharging, which greatly improves the speed of discharging and feeding, and reduces energy consumption at the same time.

    4. Adopt automatic screw feeding device and electronic weighing device to improve production efficiency and reduce labor intensity.

    5. The barrel adopts a closed structure, which has high thermal efficiency, saves steam, and saves energy by more than 50% compared with the continuous pre-generator.

    6. The machine is equipped with a high-temperature and high-efficiency fluidized drying bed, which is automatically fluidized drying, automatic screening, ball crushing, and the fan automatically transports the raw materials to the curing silo after the material is discharged from the pre-expander.

    7. The electrical appliances, pneumatic components and valves used in this machine are all high-quality brand products at home and abroad, thus ensuring the stability, reliability and long service life of the machine.

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