Permanent magnet variable frequency oil-free energy-saving vacuum pump and supporting system

  • Permanent magnet variable frequency oil-free energy-saving vacuum pump and supporting system are equipment designed and manufactured with the current international advanced technology in combination with the characteristics of the foam plastics industry, so as to better serve the industry.

    A: According to data comparison and customer feedback, the vacuum pumping volume is ≥150 of the traditional vacuum pump under the same power motor, and the pressure is stable.

    B: This equipment is driven by rare earth permanent magnet synchronous motor, which has high efficiency and low loss. With the control of high-precision pressure transmitter, it can maintain high efficiency and power within the range of 25%-120% rated load. In order to avoid the situation of large instantaneous consumption and small short-term production, the energy saving effect is remarkable during low-frequency and light-load operation.

    C: The pump body has a precise structure, adopts high-strength alloy wear-resistant materials, and is coated with a high-temperature corrosion-resistant coating, which is reliable and durable, and has high vacuum efficiency.

    D: Sleep and wake-up function: It solves the problem of no-load when the number of production starts and maintenance stops, and realizes energy saving. When the pressure is stable within the upper limit range (adjustable) for a long time, the sleep function can be turned on, and the wake-up start when the pressure drops to the set value.

    Excellent comprehensive and reliable control system

    A: The machine adopts touch screen and PLC control, which makes the operation convenient, the observation of various data parameters is intuitive, and it is more intelligent.

    B: The main parts of the equipment are all well-known brands at home and abroad, and have the function of fault alarm, which ensures the reliability, stability and long service life of the machine.

    C: This set of equipment has the functions of vacuum drainage, vacuum cooling and drainage (optional) in the production workshop, and solves the problem of vacuum drainage that plagues foam plastic enterprises.

    D: The machine adopts temperature sensor control, automatic cooling, over-temperature alarm function.

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